How to post a Suggestion for Schedule Manager

Want us to add a feature to Schedule Manager? more Action Types that you can automate?

How to post a Suggestion for Schedule Manager

Postby Chubby » February 3rd, 2011, 9:16 pm

In-order to post a new Suggestion (features, etc..), please follow this steps:
1. First step you should do is check out if anyone posted a suggestion for your suggestion (make a search in this forum).
If you cant find any suggestions like yours, please proceed to step 2.
2. Create a new topic and change the subject of the topic to be "{name of the program} {version} - {whatever your suggestion is}" (without quotation marks and curly brackets).
3. Copy the following fields and fill them with the correct information:
Product (the product itself) -
Version (version of the product) -
Description (of what you would like us to add) -
Email (so we will contact you if we have questions) (optional) -
you may also link to an image that is hosted in image-hosting site or add an image attachments (3 max).

Here is an example for a good suggestion:
Topic Subject - Schedule Manager 1.1.25 - Add unzip file

Product - Schedule Manager
Version - 1.1.25.
Description - A task to unzip files - add it also to the download file taks - if the extension is .zip than a checkbox of "Unzip when finish" will appear.
Email -
Image comes here if you like
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