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Website - Redesigned & Reimagined

Postby Jinx » April 2nd, 2013, 12:16 am

Hello everyone, and welcome to our new home.

We are happy to announce the new website design.

Our website redesign came for many reasons that will be given in this post, through the course of the redesign and in the process of the development we were inspired by many designs and websites.

There are many reasons that made us redesign our website, these are some of them:
The wish to have a simple & easy to use user interface.
The need for modern design.
A need for constantly changing content on the website.
Everyone will be able to view our site, whether it is kids, grown-up and aged people (which will probably need to view our site enlarged), mobile users & desktop users, slow PC connection & fast, users with old browsers, JavaScript disabled - we just didn't want to leave anything for fate :D

Some aspects of the new design were constantly harassing us with the same questions:
  1. Will everyone like it?
  2. Will it be fast & simple?
  3. How can we do it differently?

Whether it was the logo or the design itself we have found ourselves going in circuits & routine to find answers to problems.

In order to solve some of our problems:
  • Analytics of our website - page views, page time of download.
  • Users feedback and reviews.
  • Advanced website tools to check the speed of the website, usability, accessibility and much more...
  • We used some of the most known forums in the world to get feedback and help, design side and programming side.

And guess what we have found out - 96% of the websites are slower than ours. That is some huge improvement from the old website.

This is a 1 year work - please enjoy your stay...
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