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Video Tutorial - Basic Visual Command Line usage

PostPosted: April 1st, 2013, 2:26 pm
by Jinx
Hello everyone!
We have made a Video tutorial to show how to use Visual Command Line.

The video tutorial demonstrates basic usage of Visual Command Line:
- The basic use of Visual Command Line.
- How to create a new project with a targeted compatibility to a specific operating system.
- The user interface of Visual Command Line and its main panels.
- How text editor and the document tabs.
- How to use the "Toolbox" panel to add a command to the text editor.
- How to use the "Properties" panel.
- How can the "Information" panel help you.
- An example of how Visual Command Line shows you information about command and arguments as-you-type.
- Different types of arguments and how to use thier extended options and information.
- How to run a batch file (using an example of the "shutdown" command).
- How to comment and uncomment lines that are in the text editor.

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